Since their formation in 2016 STANDAARD (Philip Mouwes and Rosita Loth) has been working on the repertoire. Being from Amsterdam in The Netherlands the primary focus was initially on funky and groovy productions in Dutch. While the sound, a catchy mixture of Nu-Disco, late 80’s and 90’s club sound, but with the 21st century vibe, is getting better known in The Netherlands, a lot of fans from abroad and radio stations as well started requesting tracks in English, with the recognizable vibe they started to like so much from STANDAARD.

The first English track was ‘Without You By My Side’, released March 2018. Again the groove, funk and upbeat danceable vibe were typically STANDAARD, but being in English now accessible to more listeners. The reactions to this first English adventure were very positive and enthusiastic both from fans and stations. More releases In English soon followed; ‘One in a Million’, ’Just Try Love Again’, Last Try Before Goodbye and ‘Our Love Feels Like a Mess’. Even more streams and positive reactions from fans and listeners. This asked for follow-ups.

The upcoming release ‘Our Summer Has Begun’ is the English version of the in the Netherlands popular summer song from 2017 ‘De Zomer Is Van Ons’, with a nice video shot in Miami. ‘Our Summer Has Begun’: a very catchy and upbeat track with a highly danceable groove to it and fantastic lyrics video as well.
Influences of the 90’s, so very hip and really now. These elements, combined with the catchy lyrics, make this single a dancefloor filler and suited for beach and festival. After such a hard and difficult period with covid-19 having such an impact on everybody’s lives, it now time for a new hope, a new Summer. So to everybody all around the world: Our Summer Has Begun!

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